Sunday, May 1, 2011

My First Craft Event

Well, Saturday was a lot of fun.  Stayed up until about 1 AM completing the last few items for the craft show, then was at the venue for setup by 7 AM!  The event was rather slow as far as traffic goes, but I still had a ton of fun, and I am now officially out of the hole with a little left over from all the materials I've bought since starting all this, so I would say it was a success!  My wonderful sister-in-law Chelsey and I shared a table together, and our display actually turned out pretty cool!  We used an old green shutter I found at an antique store and cut it in half for our earring display.  For necklaces, we used a re-purposed wood pallet (also cut in half), which we stained and hammered some nails into.  On the table, we used some vases filled with twigs to hang some of the necklaces on, as well.  The overall look was very rustic and re-purposed looking, and just what we were hoping for:)  My husband's aunt Karen, who was so kind as to teach us both how to make jewelry several months ago also informed us about another craft event coming up in November called Crafty Chicks.  We plan to apply, so keep your fingers crossed for us!  Although we didn't sell a ton of pieces, I'm now excited to start listing new items on Etsy again - I've got a lot of work to do, I suppose:)  Overall, I'm just a happy girl with all this jewelry making so far - who knew crafts could be so fun?!


  1. How much fun!! I really want to do a craft show, but am a bit nervous =/

    i'm glad your's turned out well!!

    i'm planning a giveaway right now with a few other Etsy shops if your interested in sponsoring an item let me know. it could be good exposure =) i'll also link your blog and maybe gain some traffic for it too.

    let me know.


    kristanlynn (at)

  2. Your booth design looks great.