Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feeling Accomplished

Well, I took yesterday off work so I could work on jewelry for the craft event taking place this Saturday.  Worked from 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM, with a combined break total of about 2 hours.  Whew - I am exhausted!!  However, I did accomplish quite a bit - made about 8 necklaces (which now brings me to a total of about 45), 12 headbands, and 35 pairs of earrings!  I also stained the wonderful pallet I plan to use for display!  I still have a lot to do - preparing boxes for packaging, labeling price tags, preparing the display...  But, I'm feeling I'll be ready by Saturday, thanks to my Wednesday Workday!  The only down side - my mind was racing all night long, thinking about all the other things I want to make and do before Saturday.  Couldn't fall asleep until past 1 AM.  Then, woke up when the dog got up at 5 AM and my mind started racing all over again!  Laid in bed until now, trying to count sheep, but then decided I should just get up:)

Here's a few of my newest items:
Fabric Flower Headband

Vintage Polka Dot Tie Necklace

Brown and Blue Button Necklace

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bloggin' It Up!

A few months ago, I started making jewelry!  I must say, it's the first craft I've done that I've actually stuck with - let's just say sewing wasn't really my thing... 
But, the jewelry bug has bitten!  I've started an etsy shop and even made a few sales!  I'm getting involved in the etsy and crafting community, and I'm having a blast!  As I'm learning and trying new things, I've decided to start a blog where I can show support for other crafters, share cool things I find, as well as show others what I'm trying out and share what I learn!
To start, here are a few of my new items that will soon be on display at my first boutique/craft event! 
Vintage Power Tie Necklace

Vintage Button Necklace