Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Remodel Update!

Well, our basement is FINALLY finished!  And, I'm loving it!  My dog (Mulva), on the other hand, is sliding all over the place, so I'm not so sure she's a fan just yet:)  We also bought a fun new chair from I.O. Metro (that guy Vern from Trading Spaces has his designs there), and a super fun new rug from Target!  We plan to put together an impromptu game night and have some friends over to celebrate this weekend.  It was a long time coming, and there were bumps along the way, but I'm happy with the end result.  Now, I really want to try to make a mason jar chandelier!  Tutorial link is below - but, I think I might need someone who has a little more electrical aptitude than I do:)

Basement - Before (but after painting)
Basement - After
Basement office - Before
Basement office - After

Fun new rug!

Fun new chair!

 And here's the mason jar chandelier tutorial that I'm thinking about trying to tackle:


Saturday, July 16, 2011

My First Bio

So, I'm fortunate in that I've been invited to be a featured artist at Topeka's First Friday Art Walk in August!  However, I've also been asked to write a bio...  Which, I'm finding very difficult!  I wasn't sure how short or long to make it, whether to write it in first or third person, and I must have written 10 drafts by now that I've thrown out!  I asked my husband for some guidance, as he's written a few before, so that was helpful:)  Then, today, we went out and took some photos to submit with the bio, too.  I love to TAKE photos, but I always find being in them a rather difficult task.  Needless to say, we did take a few that turned out pretty good.  I've posted my bio and some pics below (I think I'm going with the first one).  I appreciate any helpful feedback!!

I'm an Arkansas-born, Louisiana-raised crafter who has now found a home in Kansas City.  I love finding and re-purposing old buttons, ties, and anything I can find at a fun little antique or thrift store.  I also work with fabrics, African inspirations, and anything that challenges me to make something new!  I have a huge heart for Africa, and Impact Jewelry was created in part to help me give back to African communities.  All African beads I use are purchased through fair trade organizations, and 25% of all Impact proceeds are donated to charity.  This year, proceeds are being donated to All God's Children to assist in the building of a medical clinic in Zambia.  I firmly believe we all make an impact, no matter how big or small.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strawberry Swing!

On Sunday, I attended an all stay craft fair here in Kansas city! It was called Strawberry Swing, and it was a piping 100 degrees outside! Most vendors were outside in the heat, but everyone seemed happy to be there, regardless of the weather. I found several shops of interest and made a couple of purchases, too! So, today is a tribute to handmade. Below, you'll find a few of my new favorite finds. Check out their shops, and support handmade arts!

Bought an all gray rain cloud cross-stitch from GraceandLight - see more at

Bought one of these in moss green from MissBettyLou - see more at

Here are some others I didn't purchase from, but would have if I had more money!!

Loved these pillows!  See more at

Cool AND Eco-friendly - See more at

Beautiful letterpressed cards and posters - See more at

Friday, July 8, 2011

Remodel Mayhem!

After returning from Kenya, my husband and I decided to remodel a bit!  Our basement is a little bit 70's.  There used to actually be wood paneling, with diamonds cut out of carpet, placed on the wall from floor to ceiling!  Unfortunately, there are no pictures of that part - we got rid of those as soon as we moved in about 3 years ago:)  Now, we planned to put in laminate flooring, take out shelving next to the fireplace, paint the fireplace and all the molding white to accent our newly painted grey walls!

I wish I had taken the "before" pictures before we painted, but I forgot.  However, I do have some before pictures to share (yes, I realize our office is a complete MESS).  My brother-in-law was working on it for us this past week.  Unfortunately, he had to leave (they live out of town) before the project was finished (it's a long story...).  So, now we have about half the basement done, stuff EVERYWHERE, but some hope of finding someone to finish it up for us:)  So, although it will be a week or so before I have the "after" pictures, here's something to start with!  Wish us luck finding someone to finish!!

Main Basement area - after painting the walls grey and the fireplace white!

Another view of the basement

Another view - we took out the shelving next to the fireplace, too!

Our basement office...  No excuse - it's just a MESS!

Another view of the office - what can I say - I get messy with my crafts:)