Monday, September 12, 2011

Mulva Monday!

Chunky Mulva

Well, Mulva and I have come to realize something.  She's a bit chunky for her breed.  Well, not necessarily "chunky," just not as slim and muscular as most other dogs like her.  I broke the news to her the other day, and she wasn't surprised.  She admitted that she had snuck some chocolate chip cookies from time to time when she wasn't supposed to.  She thinks she may be an emotional eater.  I told Mulva I was partially to blame, because I haven't been exercising her like I should.  Mulva wants to change things, though, because her 4th birthday is coming up, and she doesn't want to start going downhill already.  She wants to be around and still playful when she has a little brother or sister some day, so we decided to get in shape together!  While neither of us are overweight, we could both use some toning and healthier habits.  We don't want to continue at this pace and wake up unhealthy one day, so we're going to help each other stay on task!

This morning, we began.  We walked for about 25 minutes around the neighborhood at 6 AM!  We have a HILLY neighborhood, so it was good for both of us.  Brandon (my hubby) was a little surprised that Mulva and I actually got up that early and walked with him...  We usually like to sleep in while Brandon gets ready for work!   Needless to say, we both got directly back under the covers for another hour of sleep after our morning walk:)

This is Mulva.  She's a cute pup!  Still a slim pup, but we've got some toning to do:)

This afternoon, I got home from work, and Mulva said she still felt tired from our little walk this morning.  She took a big stretch and plopped on the floor.  She'll keep at it though, and we'll be healthy together!

When she does this, I just say, "Stretch it out, Mulva."

Still tired from our morning walk:)

The journey to fitness is to be continued...

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  1. Good for Mulva! The way she stretches, maybe she might like a yoga class too :)