Monday, August 1, 2011

Learned Something New!

So, this will be a short post, but I wanted to share something new I learned recently.  On etsy, when tagging items, I thought there was a max of 13 tags.  However, I recently learned that you can actually tag your items with much more than 13 words, simply by putting a space between words. 

Let me explain:  I would always tag "impact jewelry" as one tag, with a space.  I was under the assumption that someone would have to type in "impact jewelry" in the search in order to pull up something based on that tag.  However, I was WRONG!  If someone typed EITHER "impact" or "jewelry" in the search, it would still pull it up!  So, for example, I used to use "pearl" and "pearls" as 2 separate tags when tagging a pearl necklace.  But, now I can put "pearl pearls" as one tag (as long as it contains 20 or less characters) and still get the same result.  This means I can use WAY more tags than I was using before.  I went in and changed my tags for several of my listed items, and it has been helping get more views and traffic! 

So, I could have been slow in getting to know this - maybe it's already public knowledge.  But, I wanted to share anyway, just in case there is someone else out there like me who didn't know:)

Hope everyone has a great day!  Oh, and P.S. I am running a special, along with my Promo Frenzy Team members, during the month of August.  You can get 15% off all purchases in my etsy shop using code FRENZYSPECIAL at checkout:)  Each store is different, so check them out to see what they're offering (shops are listed on right).


  1. Oh my gosh that is so funny. I never realized that. I guess I am still a newbe at the whole Etsy thing but that makes sense! Thanks!

  2. That is good to know as I was really separating my tags ... like putting - blue, glass , beads when I could have been putting- blue glass beads - yay, one tag rather than 3. :)